About us

Ever thought how a flour mill works? Well! Come and visit Astarta, We established our home in Hamriyah Free Zone, next to Hamriyah Port in Sharjah an ideal location between the Northern and Southern Emirates, facilitating deliveries to our customers.

At Astarta along with a guided tour of the mill equipment in action, why not stop awhile and visit us. We would love to take you through the journey of the milling process and product range and showcase how at Astarta, we maintain the high quality through the milling process.

More than seven proud years of experience in flour production, Astarta makes sure to be the finest wholesale flour producing mill with the highest quality products. Our dedicated and efficient team works with traditional, time-honoured methods resulting in the quality and consistency of our paramount products. Our extensive flour range is evidence of the diversity of our client base, and our tailored products reflect our ongoing creative ability to develop new and pure inventions in the flour industry. We supply a wide range of flours to both craft and industrial bakers and some food manufacturers across the UAE.

We work to match customer satisfaction by assuring the use of high-quality ingredients. The uniformity of our finished products and the outstanding services help us to deliver the best to all our customers. More than 100 dedicated professionals work 24/7 to create more than 30 different products every day for the leading retailers and the foodservice market.

Since our wheat flour is milled locally, all our products are always delivered fresh. Moreover, we do not compromise on quality, and this is the reason why our products provide the right nutrients for healthy living.


To become the most competitive and convenient food supplier in the middle east.

  • To produce and supply high-quality products and value to the market, thereby, enriching the lives of consumers, customers, communities, employees and all business partners.
  • We strive to provide the best possible products and services at competitive prices for all our customers.
  • Strive to develop excellent quality products.
  • We will contribute toward bettering the communities we serve and live in.
Corporate Values
Bake a better company, Bake a better world, and Bake a better you.
Build genuine relationships with our customers, stakeholders and each other.
We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word.
We see. We act. We take full responsibility for our actions and results. We don’t blame others for our mistakes; we analyse them and correct them.
We act with intense positive energy and are not afraid to take risks. We challenge ourselves continuously, we’re good at what we do, and we take pride in who we are.
Certificates & Awards