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AND it all starts from the goodness of what grows out of our Earth. Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality food products and services, which they expect from an industry leader. We search for the finest goods, and we retain that goodness through the entire process of creating our products.

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Astarta Group Divisions
Astarta Flour Mill
Every year, Astarta selects the best wheat from around the world. With major procurement from Canada, Russian and Australia, we import hundreds of thousands of tonnes yearly. By investing in a rigorous procurement process, we ensure we get the best wheat for our products.
Our Mill
General Trading
Astarta General Trading takes care of all the local and export distribution. Today we proudly hold our position as one of the leading exporters and distributors of FMCG & Bakery ingredients in the UAE and another part of the world like KSA, Oman, Hongkong and Maldives.
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Astarta Baking Ingredients
Through our long experience in the bakery products, we were able to design and manufacture bakery ingredients with the highest quality. At Astarta, we offer a new range of bakery ingredients which a for industrial bakeries and tailor-made artisan.
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Our Strengths
Our Strengths
700 MT
Grinding capacity per day
We are equipped with the latest technology, and we always remain up to date with efficient tools.
700 MT
Packing capacity per day
We make every possible effort for delivering on-time products to the customers. With an efficient rate of packing capacity, we try to meet our customer’s needs within time.
Delivery Vans
Our primary goal is to provide flexible delivery service to every customer. Astarta owns a fleet of various vehicles, which can deliver with flexible time or quantity.
Our team comprises of one of the most highly skilled and dedicated workforces in the flour industry. As we aim to be the first choice for our customers, we strive to be the employer of choice within our sector.
What we offer
What we offer
High quality
We offer high quality flour products at best prices the market has to offer. With our state-of-the-art technology, we manage to provide flour quality that meets the demands of our customers. We strive to deliver the best products that keeps our consumer base appeased at all times.
Сompetitive Prices
Enjoy the best quality of flour at a very competitive price. We like to treat our customers time and again by providing quality services at viable rates.
Flexible logistics
We work with the flexible logistic approach. We believe in delivering services and products to our customers with the utmost integrity. Our transparent and professional services are designed to simplify operations.
Individual approach to partners
We have a strong business culture of customer service excellence and continuously strives to deliver the best customer service to its clients and endeavour to provide this from the very first contact.
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To aspire healthier communities by connecting people to natural foods