Personal Assistant to the CEO

The Personal Assistant (“PA”) role is one to further enhance the CEO’s capability to expand, develop

and manage the business efficiently and effectively. The CEO’s PA from the onset must gain extensive knowledge of the company, the CEO, other key persons and all ASTARTA facets (both

internal, external and inter-company) and have a fundamental understanding of the company’s aims

and objectives. Complete discretion and confidentiality must be maintained at all times by the PA

and an understanding that this role emulates who and what the CEO is and how she is perceived

within and without the group of companies. The CEO’s PA may at times be required to act on behalf

of the CEO (frequently being the first point of contact with clients, internal staff and other business

contacts). The CEO’s PA will be privy and have access to all the company’s confidential matters

such as company set up, shareholding, staff/management compensation packages and disciplinary

items, legal & financial affairs, mergers, acquisitions and many other matters.

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