From the desk of CEO

Greetings & welcome to Astarta!

The only difference between leaders and bygones is the determination to thrive for excellence and quality in their everyday routine! And talking about my industry– which by and large falls under the domain of food – excellence and quality plays a pivotal role. In my endeavours, being at the forefront of Astarta, I ensure that every member of this group serves humanity with integrity and passion and this could be possible only when we continue to remain as one of the trusted staple food suppliers in UAE. Hence, Astarta Group’s foundation and existence is based on trust, goodness and humanity.

That’s why at Astarta, our flour is milled locally and all the products are delivered fresh. We do not compromise on quality, and this is the reason why all the products provided by us have the right nutrients for healthy living.

I hope this provides you with a few reasons to get to know Astarta better. Whether you are a potential customer, a business partner, or a future employee, we look forward to finding out how we can work together to bring service to life.


Aziz Akhmedov CEO

Astarta Group,